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Costa Rica for Kids

At Costa Rica for Kids, we understand the unique needs and interests of young adventurers, making us your go-to resource for a seamless and enriching family vacation.

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Tailored Travel Family
Friendly Experiences

For over 20 years, we’ve been crafting unforgettable journeys that are as unique as your family, helping you create a treasure trove of cherished memories. It could be the wide-eyed wonder of spotting a playful monkey in the rainforest or the laughter of your kids while riding the rapids at Balsa River. Our trips are designed to make your family’s adventure truly special.

The experts behind your
customized journey

Our destination experts are passionate family travelers who have a high level of knowledge of family-friendly tours and accommodations. Their first-hand experiences led to the creation of all Costa Rica for Kids itineraries. Our experts are here to answer your every question about traveling with kids in Costa Rica

Why Travel with Costa Rica For Kids


We understand that every
family is unique
Explore your interests at your
own speed
Select your preferred style of
Create the perfect family trip with the
help of our specialists


We take into account the ages and interests of every member of your family
We specialize in selecting activities and attractions that are perfect for kids of all ages
We have handpicked accommodations that cater to families
Our guides are experts in engaging with children and making learning fun

Explore at Your
Own Pace

Stress-Free Travel – We eliminate the hassle of strict schedules and crowded tours
Unhurried exploration lets you savor wildlife, beaches, and charming towns in Costa Rica
Rest and Relaxation – Vacations should be a time to unwind
Cherish quality moments as a family, exploring at your own pace in Costa Rica

For Families From
Family Experts

We provide insider insights into the best family-friendly spots, hidden gems, and cultural experiences
24/7 Support- From the moment you start planning until you return home, ensuring a stress-free journey
We know how to make the most of your time in Costa Rica. Our experts will optimize your itinerary
Our expertise helps you get the most out of your budget, making family travel accessible and enjoyable

What our Clients Say About Us


Costa Rica for Kids is your trusted partner in creating unforgettable family adventures. We specialize in tailoring seamless and enriching travel experiences for young adventurers. Our dedicated team explores every corner of Costa Rica to design unique journeys that cater to your family’s interests, ensuring a blend of education, excitement, and relaxation. Let us open the doors to a world of natural wonders and cultural treasures, so your family can embrace the essence of Pura Vida. Your Costa Rica family vacation awaits!

Start Planning Your Family Vacation

Our destination experts are waiting to start planning YOUR family vacation of a life time!

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