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Northern Region
of Costa Rica

When it comes to choosing where to go in Costa Rica, the Northern Region stands out as a captivating destination for families seeking nature, adventure and culture. This region has been gaining popularity in recent years, with its blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences

La Fortuna downtown

Why Choose the Northern Region
of Costa Rica

The Northern Region of Costa Rica offers a unique blend of convenience and diversity. It boasts easy access from the Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José (SJO) and the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia (LIR). This region is dotted with charming towns, including La Fortuna, Nuevo Arenal, and Sarapiqui, each offering its own slice of Costa Rican charm.


Costa Rica’s Northern Region
a paradise for families

Costa Rica’s Northern Region promises a family vacation filled with natural wonders, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re exploring volcanoes, hiking through cloud forests, or relaxing by pristine rivers, this enchanting region offers something for every member of your family.

Discover the Wonders of
the Northern Region

National Parks and Protected Areas in the Northern Region of Costa Rica. The Northern Region of Costa Rica is blessed with numerous national parks and protected areas:

La Fortuna and Arenal

Marvel at the majestic Arenal Volcano, soak in natural hot springs, and embark on hikes in Arenal Volcano National Park with your little ones

Rio Celeste

Witness the ethereal blue waters of Rio Celeste in Tenorio Volcano National Park and explore its captivating hiking trails


Immerse yourself in the lush Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, home to 5% of the biodiversity of the world. Try canopy tours, zip-lining, and bridge walks for an up-close nature experience


Dive into the lush rainforests of Sarapiqui, offering activities like white-water rafting, birdwatching, and wildlife exploration

Nuevo Arenal

Experience the tranquility of Nuevo Arenal near Lake Arenal, ideal for water activities

Boca Tapada

Offers remote nature and birdwatching opportunities with unique family stays
Costa Rica’s Northern Region is a treasure trove of family-friendly adventures, where kids can connect with nature, learn about diverse ecosystems, and create lasting memories with their loved ones. Whether it’s exploring volcanoes, swimming beneath waterfalls, or encountering exotic wildlife, there’s something for every family to enjoy in this beautiful part of Costa Rica.

National Parks and Protected Areas in the Northern Region of Costa Rica

The Northern Region of Costa Rica is blessed with numerous national parks and protected areas:

Arenal Volcano National Park

Family Fun: Arenal Volcano National Park is a fantastic destination for families with kids of all ages. The park’s well-maintained trails are suitable for gentle hikes, and they offer breathtaking views of the towering Arenal Volcano. The volcano’s history and the chance to spot wildlife like howler monkeys and toucans make it an educational experience for children.

La Fortuna Waterfall

Family Adventure: La Fortuna Waterfall is a must-visit for families looking for a refreshing adventure. The hike down to the base of the waterfall is a manageable trek for kids, and the reward at the end is a cool dip in the pristine pool beneath the falls. It’s a memorable experience that combines nature and fun

Tenorio Volcano National Park

Magical Rio Celeste: Tenorio National Park is home to the mesmerizing Rio Celeste, a true wonder of nature. Families can embark on a hike through the rainforest to witness the enchanting blue waters of Rio Celeste. It’s a magical sight that will capture the imagination of kids and adults alike.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Nature Exploration: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is like a living classroom for families. Guided tours are available to help kids learn about the diverse flora and fauna of the cloud forest. Walking along suspended bridges allows families to experience the forest canopy up close. The chance to spot unique wildlife such as sloths and colorful birds makes it an unforgettable adventure.

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife Safari: Caño Negro is a wildlife refuge that offers families a chance to get up close to Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity. Boat tours through the wetlands provide opportunities to see howler monkeys, caimans, turtles, and an array of bird species. It’s an educational experience that will fascinate young nature enthusiasts.

Plan Your Northern
Costa Rica Adventure

From lush rainforests to captivating volcanoes, the Northern Region of Costa Rica offers a world of natural wonders and cultural experiences for families. Allow our local experts to guide you on this unforgettable journey. Contact us today to embark on your Costa Rican adventure in the Northern Region!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costa Rica's Northern Region suitable for family travel with kids?
Absolutely! The Northern Region offers a variety of family-friendly activities, from nature walks to exciting adventures like zip-lining and white-water rafting. It’s an ideal destination for families seeking both relaxation and adventure.
Are there accommodations suitable for families in this region?
Yes, there are plenty of family-friendly accommodations, including resorts, lodges, and vacation rentals. Many offer amenities like swimming pools and kid’s clubs to ensure a comfortable stay for families.
What's the best time to visit Costa Rica's Northern Region with kids?
The dry season, from December to April, is generally considered the best time to visit as you’ll encounter sunny days and pleasant weather. However, the green season (May to November) can also be an excellent time for lower crowds and lush landscapes.
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