La Fortuna Family Sky Trek & Tram Experience - Costa Rica for Kids
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La Fortuna Family Sky Trek & Tram Experience

March 17, 2022

Costa Rica for Kids


La Fortuna Family Sky Trek & Tram Experience

Do you want to go FAST …. Or  SUPER  FAST” – That is what our guide asked me as he smiled a wide grin!  I could tell no matter which one I picked it was going to be a wild ride! – Vanessa, Costa Rica for Kids Destination Expert.

In this COSTA RICA FOR KIDS Family Expert Experience we tell you everything you need to know and more about taking your family on a Sky Trek Canopy Tour. Our Destination Expert, Vanessa, details her first-hand experience below. Read on to learn more!

Family on Sky Trek Tram

Family Sky Tram Gondola Ride

Experience Sky Trek Canopy

I have done my fair share of Canopy zip line adventures while living in Costa Rica, but the experience at the Sky Trek and Tram was definitely in my top 10!  Sky Trek, La Fortuna,  proves to be one of the unmatched high-flying adrenaline experiences you will not want to miss on your family vacation to Costa Rica.

After checking in and me yelling out “ one last bathroom stop”  we head to get outfitted for our trek.   We were met by high fives and a happy staff as they swiftly readied us with our helmets, harnesses, and pully. We were a noisy bunch making our way to the safety speech demo as the metal pulleys and harnesses clink and clank together. Ready,  we mounted the open-air gondola tram and started going up.  This is one of the unexpected bonuses of the  Sky Trek and Tram.  The ride up to the top of the rainforest peak starts out with a  ride that glides through the treetops.    The 20-minute ride was actually calming and quiet and offered some spectacular treetops, volcano, and lake views.

At the top, we dismount to a platform with a picture-perfect view of the volcano.  The engaging guides ( there are several of them)  have mastered the flow of guests so the tour moves well without a lot of waiting.  After a few photo ops with the lake views, we started out a zip line course that zigzagged down the mountain.  The first cable is a practice one to get the feel of how to brake with the handlebars and what it feels like to fly over the treetops. It’s a good practice run before the next cable which the guides kept calling the “oh my god” cable!

Teenager ziplining volcano view through the Costa Rican Canopy

They didn’t lie – this was a Full Adrenaline Rush!

The first cable (my favorite as well)  left me yelling out of pure excitement “Ohhhhhhhh Myyyyyy   Goooooooooddddddddd” as I flew what felt like miles high across the rainforest.

After reaching the other side I let out a  big  “WOW – That was AMAZING” and all of my group smiled and agreed eager to do it all over again.  We quickly dismounted and jumped onto the next cable.

The Cables all stretch from mountain peak to peak across rainforest canyons with incredible heights that really take your breath away.  During the ride You’ll travel over  7 cables that go up to 200m (656ft) in height and 750m (2460ft) in length where you will be astounded by its impressive heights, speeds that go up 70km/h (43.5mph).

kid ziplining in the canopy

Heading off to see the astounding view of the rainforest!


Why our families LOVE this Tour:


  • No Hands on Cable Braking System: The Sky Trek Canopy uses a handlebar breaking system which is different from the hand-breaking glove system that most other companies use. Both braking systems work, but  I personally like moving the handlebars back and forth to create friction to slow down instead of using a heavy glove to put pressure on the cable to help slow down as you approach the platform.
  • The BEST Views: The Sky Trek Canopy views are nothing short of    You get the Volcano, the Arenal lake, and the canopy treetops views.  This was my favorite part of the canopy – soaking in the amazing tropical scenery.  If you are lucky you will have a clear day and so the  Arenal Volcano comes into view around every corner.
  • Aerial Tram: This is a really great bonus. The  Aerial Tram is a 20-minute ride that glides above the canopy to reach the uppermost platform. The ride has stunning views and is a surprisingly peaceful ride.
  • Not a lot of Walking between cables: With families, this helps that there are not long distances to walk between the cables. You get off and jump right back on to the next cable.
  • Instagram Moment: You have probably seen some pictures surfing around the web of a beautiful hand statue that holds guests in its palm with the stunning Lake Arenal in the background. This perfect  Instagram setting makes a great photo souvenir that any teen will love posting about.
  • Adventures for ALL: If you have a split group and some want the adventure of the zip line and others are better with their feet on the ground, the  Sky Trek and Tram offers the Sky Walk + Sky Tram ( Hanging Bridges walk). If you want more adrenaline fun there is also the Sky Limit which includes a high ropes course, canyoning and Tarzan swing or the Sky River Drift with adds tubing for some wild river.
  • Restaurant: Although we didn’t eat lunch onsite, the Sky Trek and Tram have a restaurant on-site with some amazing lake views – A  great way to end the day!
Mom and kids on Sky Trek Gondala ride

Family Sky Tram Ride

Helpful Tours Tips for Families

  • Kids: must be at least 5 years old. Kids of ages 5-6 will not ride alone, they will ride tandem with one of our guides, so kid spaces on tour will be limited by the number of available guides. Kids of ages 7-10 will ride tandem with each other if guides are not available.
  • Child rates apply from ages 5 to 12.
  • Maximum weight: 136kg (300lb).
  • Maximum Waist: 117cm (46in).
  • Maximum Leg Loops: 67cm (26in).
  • High-intensity activity is not permitted for people with any kind of health problem (back, neck or any pain, bone, muscle or heart problems).
  • Check-in is 15 minutes prior to the booked tour start time.

Sky Trek and Tram Canopy Tour is certainly in our Top 10 Family experiences when on vacation! Its highly recommended for families looking for thrill and adventure packed into one! Its easy to get started, click here, to reserve a tour for your family!


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