Vanessa Willing, Tourism expert at Costa Rica for Kids
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Vanessa Willing

Vanessa has made it her mission to share the Pura Vida lifestyle of Costa Rica with as many people around the globe as possible. Vanessa knew from a young age that travel was the best education she could give herself. She is an avid traveler who’s traveled far beyond Costa Rican borders and extensively within Costa Rican borders. Costa Rica for kids is a sister company of Find My Costa Rica and Wave Rafting Expeditions. With over 20 years’ experience planning and operating tours, Costa Rica for Kids has been born, a lifelong dream of Vanessa’s. Vanessa is your go to contact for tips and tricks when traveling throughout Costa Rica with kids. She’s been navigating the ropes with her own two kids over the years. She knows the best tours for various ages and stages. She’s visited hotel after hotel seeking the best places to host your family vacation. Vanessa is hands-on and that’s what sets Costa Rica for Kids apart. Vanessa and the team make it their mission to visit and experience the many wonders Costa Rica has to offer. If you’re wondering how you’ll fit everything in on your vacation or what tours are going to be the best for your kids, you’re in the right hands. When Vanessa isn’t working on creating, The BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES, customized package for your family, you can find her on the beaches of Guanacaste. Always ready to hop on board an Ocean Discovery Tour, a true mermaid at heart, Vanessa is third in line, after her sons of course, to dive into ocean for a snorkeling adventure because she knows life beneath the water is something magical everyone must experience!

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