Costa Rica Weather in April- Family Guide
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Costa Rica Weather In May – A Family Guide

April 1, 2024
Embark on a family adventure to Costa Rica in May! Understanding the country’s weather patterns is key, especially as it transitions from the dry season to the rainy season, also known as the “green season.” This time is characterized by fewer tourists, lower prices, and a landscape coming to life in vibrant greens.​​
Group of people wearing raincoats on a forest trail.

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Is May a Good Time to Visit Costa Rica for Families?

Costa Rica’s weather in May presents unique opportunities for families. With fewer tourists and the chance to enjoy great discounts during the low season, it’s a perfect time. The afternoon rains bring the landscape to life, making national parks like Palo Verde, Manuel Antonio, and Arenal Volcano National Park more vibrant and lush.

    Pacific Coast

    This region transitions from the dry season to the rainy season this month. As such, you can expect occasional afternoon showers and heavier rains. You’ll still enjoy sunny days and lush green landscapes.

    Weather: Warm and humid, perfect for beach outings

    Temperatures: Pleasant for outdoor activities. Average Temperature: 27°C (81 °F)

    • Low: 22°C (72 °F)

    • High: 32°C (90°F)

    • Humidity: ∼80%

    • Average rainfall: Around 8 inches (200mm)

    • Chances of rain: 50%

    • Rain: Occasional showers, adding to the adventure

    Central Valley and San Jose

    This region sees its fair share of rain, so pack an umbrella or rain jacket. San Jose, the capital city, offers a mix of cultural experiences and historical attractions you can explore even on rainy days.

    Weather: Cooler, ideal for exploring the city. Average Temperature: 22°C (72 °F)

    • Low: 17°C (62°F)

    • High: 26°C (78 °F)

    • Humidity: ∼70%

    • Average rainfall: Around 10 inches (250mm)

      Attractions: Museums and indoor activities for rainy days

      Caribbean Coast

      This region receives more rainfall due to its proximity to the Caribbean Sea. Because of the wet season, you can expect higher chances of rainy days and afternoon showers, contributing to the vibrant and lush environment.

      Weather: Lush and vibrant, great for nature walks. Average Temperature: 27°C (81 °F)

      • Low: 24°C (75°F)

      • High: 29°C (85 °F)

      • Humidity: ∼85%

      • Average rainfall: Around 10 inches (250mm)

      • Chances of rain: 67%

        Activities: Wildlife spotting and cultural experiences.

        La Fortuna Waterfall Cota rica

        The Best Places to Visit in May for Families

        Discover these family-friendly destinations in Costa Rica during May:

        Manuel Antonio National Park: A Family Paradise

        Nestled along Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast, Manuel Antonio National Park is a treasure trove for families. Its breathtaking beaches, dense rainforests, and friendly wildlife make it a must-visit. Imagine your kids’ excitement as they spot playful monkeys, lazy sloths, and vibrant birds along easy, family-friendly trails.

          Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: A Magical Encounter

          High in the clouds, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve awaits with open arms. This enchanting forest is a dream come true for families who love nature. Even with a sprinkle of rain, the forest shines in all its glory, offering a kaleidoscope of green and a chance to meet some of the most exotic creatures and plants on guided walks suitable for all ages.

            Guanacaste Pacific Coast: Sun, Surf, and Sand

            Guanacaste’s Pacific Coast, stunning beaches, and quaint towns offer a perfect backdrop for family memories. Despite May’s showers, the beauty of the coast is undiminished. Families can learn to surf together, search for seashells, or soak in the local culture in friendly towns like Samara and Playa Hermosa.

              Arenal Volcano National Park: Adventure Awaits

              For families craving adventure, Arenal Volcano National Park offers an exhilarating mix of rainforests and hot springs against the dramatic setting of a volcano. Though the peak may sometimes be shy behind the clouds, the trails, zip lines, and natural hot springs promise fun-filled days of exploration and relaxation.

                Tortuguero National Park: Turtle Time

                Embark on an unforgettable journey to Tortuguero National Park, where the wonders of wildlife and the magic of sea turtle nesting come alive. May is a special time to witness the start of the sea turtle nesting season, offering a rare educational and thrilling experience for families.

                  Puerto Viejo: Culture and Coastline

                  On the Caribbean Coast, Puerto Viejo buzzes with an eclectic mix of cultures, reggae rhythms, and stunning beaches. Rain or shine, families can dive into the vibrant atmosphere, indulge in delicious Caribbean flavors, and immerse themselves in the unique Afro-Caribbean culture.

                    Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park: Wild Wonders

                    Families with a passion for wildlife and adventure will find their hearts in the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park. Home to an incredible array of biodiversity, this area offers thrilling wildlife spotting and jungle exploration, making every moment an adventure.

                      San José: City of Culture

                      San José, the Central Valley of Costa Rica, is a vibrant city teeming with culture, history, and art. Rainy days open the door to exploring museums, galleries, and colorful street art, providing a rich tapestry of indoor activities for families to enjoy together.

                        Family vacation costa rica

                        How Crowded Are Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica in May?

                        Expect fewer crowds, making it easier for families to explore at their own pace. Enjoy quieter visits to attractions, with less waiting and more enjoyment.

                          Packing Tips for Families Visiting in May

                          Ensure your family is prepared for Costa Rica’s weather in May with these tips:

                          • Lightweight and breathable clothing, suitable for warm weather and occasional rains.
                          • Rain jackets or ponchos for the whole family.
                          • Comfortable walking shoes and water-resistant sandals for beach days.
                          • Swimwear for beach and pool activities.
                          • Sun protection, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.
                          • Insect repellent to keep the bugs at bay.
                          • A camera to capture your family’s memories.
                          • Casual evening wear for dining out.
                          • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated during your adventures.

                          Top family vacations:

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                          Embarking on a family trip to Costa Rica in May offers a blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. With fewer crowds and the country bursting into life, it’s an ideal time for families to explore and create lasting memories.

                          Ready to Explore Costa Rica with Your Family?

                          For personalized family travel plans and more insights, contact Costa Rica for Kids. We’re dedicated to making every aspect of your journey perfect for your family, from the weather to kid-friendly activities.0

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                          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

                          Is May a good time to visit Costa Rica with kids?

                          Absolutely! May marks the beginning of the green season, offering lush landscapes, fewer tourists, and more affordable travel options. It’s a great time for families to enjoy both the beauty and adventure Costa Rica has to offer.

                          What should we pack for a trip to Costa Rica in May?

                          Pack light, breathable clothing, rain jackets or ponchos, comfortable walking shoes, water-resistant sandals, swimwear, sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, hats), insect repellent, a camera, and any necessary medications. Don’t forget a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated!

                          Can we still enjoy beach activities in May?

                          Yes, the beaches are beautiful in May. While there may be occasional showers, they often clear up quickly, allowing for plenty of sunshine and beach time. Always check local weather forecasts and heed any advisories.

                          How do we get around Costa Rica with kids?

                          Rental cars, private shuttles, and public buses are common transportation options. For families, renting a car or booking private shuttles might be more convenient to accommodate schedules and gear.

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