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Top 3 Family Zipline Tours in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

April 7, 2022

Costa Rica for Kids

Top 3 Family Zipline Tours in La Fortuna

The Arenal Volcano attracts thousands of global visitors year round. The small quaint town of La Fortuna, at the base of the volcano, is a must see for adventure seeking families who are looking for out of this world rainforest experiences. Located just 2.5 hours driving time from Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, La Fortuna is a perfect location for families with a variety of kid friendly experiences.

Families who stay in La Fortuna are often seeking active, educational and fun adventures. A favorite among many,  a Canopy Zipline Tour. With multiple tour operators offering similar experiences, it can be difficult and timely to choose which tour is right for your family. In this COSTA RICA FOR KIDS blog, we are outlining our Top 3 Zipline Tours for families. 

Teen Zipline Sky Trek

1. Young Kids Zooming Zipline at Eco Glide Arenal Park

A safe, short yet spectacular tour for the youngest adventure seeker in your family is at Eco Glide Arenal Park. Highly recommended for their commitment to safety and the only canopy tour in the area that uses double cables, a sliding cable and an additional independent cable for added safety. This tour ticks all the boxes to ensure families feel secure and enjoy the ride.

The adventure begins as your family gets fitted for harnesses, helmets and then clipped onto the ¨School Cable.¨ A guided safety demonstration will introduce riders to ziplining allowing each rider to get comfortable hanging and zooming along the cable. This zipline consists of 12 cables and 14 platforms. This is a great zipline for families who are short on time and looking for an incredible canopy experience, a couple of hours max in duration.

Family Zipline Photo

The route is divided into two parts, the first consists of 6 cables and 7 platforms nestled into the trees where you´ll have greater contact with nature. Youll be able to observe part of the Central Plain of the Northern Zone, the Arenal Volcano and the town of La Fortuna.

The Young Family Fun Canopy Tour is great for families with young kids or kids of mixed ages. The minimum age to participate is 3. Young riders will go tandem with an experienced kid friendly guide throughout the tour. Families will be together on platforms but will zipline as individuals (tandem for small kids). Older kids love the Tarzan swing! They are usually the first in line to try with mom or dad right behind! This is a great place to stop and rest mid tour. Those who opt-out of the Tarzan Swing are the onlookers for those taking flight. A great point in the tour to take some epic family photos.

2. Big Kids, Big AMA Zipline Experience

Feel your family’s adrenaline rush as you zipline through the rainforest canopy. With aerial views of the La Fortuna Waterfall and Pino Blanco Waterfall, your family has everything to experience on Arenal Mundo Aventura (AMA) Big Canopy Tour. The longest tour of all, lasting approximately three hours, your family will zoom across a series of 12 zipline cables ranging from 200-800 meters in length.

The Big Kids, Big AMA Family Canopy Tour is great for adventurous families looking for an action packed day of touring. Make this tour a combo by adding a Rappel tour or a visit to the La Fortuna Waterfall, led by tractor or on horseback. Riders must be at least 7 years old in addition to being at least 3´10 tall and at least 51 pounds. Riders will be given a safety demonstration and shown how to utilize the manual (hand) breaking system. Families will hike through both primary and secondary forests during the tour offering opportunities to see wildlife and learn about flora and fauna.

Boy on platform ready to zipline

Tour Highlight – Family Cultural Experience – As part of your tour, families will enjoy a cultural experience at the on-site Maleku Cultural Rescue Center. After a small performance, families will enjoy a cultural exchange learning about Maleku Peoples. Kids love viewing indigenous arts and crafts displayed in the cultural center. Families have the option to purchase locally made art to top off this cultural experience so tuck some colones away for this part of the experience. Visiting the Maleku Cultural Center is a great addition for families looking for local educational experiences when traveling.

3. Longest, Highest, Fastest – Sky Trek Zipline

Boasting the longest and highest cables, stretching from mountain to mountain, crossing canyons, through the rainforest and at times between the clouds, the Sky Trek Canopy Tour brings out the kid in us all!

Located outside the center of town, about 25 minutes by transport, around the community of El Castillo is where you find the park. This is where your family will see the best views of the Arenal Volcano as you zip through the canopy. Hop on the complimentary Sky Tram, an open air gondola and take a family ride to the first platform. Kids and parents alike will be admiring views with eyes wide open for wildlife along the way! 

This Sky Trek Family Tram & Zipline Tour will last approximately two hours as you zipline your way across a series of 10 cables that vary in length from 200 to 750 meters. Lay back and enjoy the ride, hands free, flying through the rainforest as this tour uses an automated braking system. Let the braking system do the work for you so that you can live this extraordinary moment to the fullest!

Boy Ziplining through the canopy

This family tour is excellent for families with kids 5 years and older. Kids ages 5 & 6 will ride tandem with a professional guide while kids ages 7-10 will have an unforgettable experience going tandem with riders of similar age. A perfect opportunity for kids to create memories and friendships of a lifetime. A pro tip for this tour, if you have young kids (ages 5 & 6) book this tour in advance as spaces are limited depending on availability of guides as well as the time of year.

We recommend taking advantage of the option to spend a full day at the park. Immerse your family in a day of touring by combining the canopy tour with your choice of the Aerial Tram Ride or the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges. In this one location, families can enjoy the thrill of zooming over the canopy while learning all about the wildlife and flora and fauna in the area. Learn more about Sky Trek Canopy Tours for families read our expert blog post by Vanessa, where she outlines all of the highlights and tips for families.

Canopy tours operate year round in Costa Rica rain or shine. Families are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, no loose hanging clothing, hair should be pulled back and glasses secured. Throughout the canopy tour, you will be walking along jungle paths, tennis shoes are great for footwear and secure for kids. All riders should have a moderate physical fitness level.

At Costa Rica for Kids, we know importance of making sure all your family members have the BEST time in Costa Rica. Enjoy our limited time offer on any of the 3 Family Canopy Tours featured above in La Fortuna, use code Kidtastic10 to get a 10% discount! Click on the tour of your choice above and use the code at checkout! Pura Vida

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