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Costa Rican Coffee Plantations

December 20, 2019

Costa Rica for Kids

Costa Rican Coffee Plantations 

If you are going to be visiting to Costa Rica, we hope you are a coffee lover! Costa Rica is a country full of precious natural resources, a highlight among many, the coffee plantations! At Costa Rica For Kids, we know parents and grandparents alike, enjoy learning about the process and hey, its educational and hands-on for the kids to enjoy too!

Costa Rican Coffee Plantations have become a bench mark and review of the country. Coffee was, for almost two centuries, the primary source of family income for many Costa Ricans and national currency. Nowadays it is recognized as a world standard of gourmet coffee quality. Currently, Costa Rican coffee represents less than 1% of world production. Because of that, the industry decided some time ago to focus on quality to produce specialty coffees and make all of this our standard.

A man and a woman looking at coffee plant

Within its more than 50,000 km2, there are 8 regions where coffee is produced: Tarrazú, Tres Ríos, Turrialba, Central Valley, Western Valley, Brunca, Orosi and Guanacaste. The variety of regions is the reason for producing coffees with profiles of very different flavors, thanks to volcanic soils and the different micro-climates of each region. This helps to cover the diversity of tastes and preferences of consumers worldwide.

Coffee plantations have become an attraction for nature and coffee lovers, being visited on guided tours around the country. The best coffee plantations are located in the Central Valley, a place known for its natural grandeur. Doka Estate is one plantation that has been active in coffee productions in Costa Rica since 1908. Today, the farm uses the same century-old water mill imported from England to power their processing plant – a rustic building recently designated a historical and architectural heritage site by the Costa Rican government.

Families love exploring behind the scenes at Doka Estate with a private guide to discover, smell, and savor all aspects of this golden bean. A dedicated coffee expert will guide your family through the nursery, roaster, and farm giving you a glimpse of how Costa Rica produces some of the world’s best coffee. Kids will be amazed at the picking process, one basket weighs about 28 pounds and a good coffee worker can pick and pack up to 18 baskets per day! Are you ready to give it a try? Don’t miss out, put this Family Tour on your short list of family fun activities in Costa Rica.

At Costa Rica for Kids, we know there are many activities and attractions to see and do. Coffee Plantations are educational experiences and hands on so kids get to learn not only the process of producing coffee, they also get a cultural and historical experience as well. Ready to plan your family vacation to Costa Rica, our destination experts are waiting to start planning your dream vacation, click here, to get started! Pura Vida!  

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