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Multigenerational- The Whole Gang

Calling all family members, whether you are the parents, grandparents, or kids, you are certain to be smiling and full of joy on these family tours for all ages. These tours are for all family members especially those we call – the kids at heart!

Costa Rica Multigenerational Adventures

Our multigenerational family tours are crafted with every family member in mind, ensuring that from the youngest adventurers to the wisest elders, and everyone in between, there's delight and wonder to be found. These tours celebrate the spirit of togetherness, making them perfect for families looking to share the beauty of Costa Rica across generations.

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Inclusive Adventures for All Ages

Our specially curated tours offer a range of activities that cater to the diverse interests and abilities of multigenerational families.

Gentle Nature Walks

Explore Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes at a pace that’s comfortable for all. These walks are perfect for bird watching, photography, and enjoying the serene beauty of nature together.

Cultural and Historical Tours

Delve into Costa Rica’s rich cultural heritage with tours that are as educational as they are entertaining and suitable for curious minds of all ages.

Wildlife Safaris

Board comfortable, safe vehicles for a guided safari through national parks. Spot exotic wildlife and learn about conservation efforts in a way that fascinates both young and old.

Thermal Springs and Mud Baths

Relax and rejuvenate in Costa Rica’s famous thermal springs, a gentle and enjoyable experience for grandparents and kids alike, offering health benefits and relaxation for everyone.

Why Our Multigenerational Tours Stand Out

Something for Everyone

We ensure that our tours include a variety of activities that appeal to different interests and physical abilities, ensuring that no one feels left out.

Ease and Accessibility

Our tours are designed with accessibility in mind, making it easy for everyone, regardless of age or mobility, to join in and enjoy.

Safety and Comfort

The safety and comfort of your family are paramount. Our guides are experienced in handling diverse groups, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free experience for all.

As your trusted travel partner, we exclusively collaborate with reputable tour operators to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your family throughout these exceptional La Fortuna experiences.

Book with confidence, and let the wonders of Costa Rica become cherished family memories.

Plan Your Family’s Ultimate Adventure

Get ready to embark on a Costa Rican adventure that your family will talk about for generations! Our team is dedicated to crafting a vacation that celebrates the joy of being together, with activities and experiences that cater to every age and stage. Contact us today to start planning a multigenerational trip that will be the highlight of your family’s year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costa Rica a safe destination for families?

Absolutely! Costa Rica is known for its friendly locals and is considered one of the safest countries in Central America. We prioritize your safety and work with trusted partners to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for your family.

Are the activities included in the packages suitable for beginners or first-time visitors?

Yes, our activities are curated to accommodate all skill levels, including beginners. Our professional guides provide necessary instructions and assistance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

What sets Costa Rica For Kids apart from other family vacation providers?

Costa Rica For Kids specializes in crafting family-friendly experiences. Our expertise lies in curating itineraries that cater to families, ensuring a perfect balance of adventure, education, and relaxation while prioritizing safety and memorable experiences for all.

Can we customize our itinerary based on our family's interests?

Definitely! We understand that each family is unique. Our packages are designed to be flexible, allowing you to tailor your itinerary to match your family’s preferences and interests.

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