Costa Rica Weather Guide for Families
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Costa Rica Weather Guide for Families: A Month-by-Month Overview

May 8, 2024

Planning a family vacation to Costa Rica? The weather can greatly influence your plans, so it’s essential to understand what to expect each month. Our family-friendly guide provides all the details you need on temperatures, rainfall, and the best activities suitable for kids throughout the year.

Costa Rica weather guide for families

Understanding Costa Rica’s Seasons

Costa Rica features two primary seasons: the dry season and the wet or green season.

Dry Season (High Season):

Running from December to April, this season boasts warm temperatures, typically between 24-32°C (75-90°F). It’s a popular time for tourists, so booking accodammodations and experiences in advance is advisable.

Costa Rica dry season with kids

Rainy Season (Low Season):

From May to November, expect cooler temperatures, averaging around 20°C (68°F) and occasional rainfall, especially in the afternoons. This season offers a quieter, lush experience ideal for exploring nature with less crowd.

Children crossing haging bridges

Monthly Weather Breakdown


Kick off the year with pleasant weather, where temperatures range from 15°C (59°F) at night to 35°C (95°F) during the day. The coastal areas are warmer, making it perfect for beach activities with the family.


Enjoy mild temperatures of 25-29°C . Mornings are sunny, while afternoons might bring some clouds, ideal for a midday break from sunbathing.


As temperatures stay between 25-35°C, it’s a great time to engage in outdoor family activities like wildlife tours and beach trips. Be prepared for occasional rain showers.


Experience the onset of the dry season with temperatures between 25-35°C. Perfect weather for exploring the diverse ecosystems of Costa Rica.


With temperatures soaring up to 32°C, enjoy water sports and other beach activities thanks to calmer seas. Be prepared for occasional rain showers.


The official start of the rainy season brings cooler temperatures between 16-21°C, ideal for bird watching and enjoying the green lush, renewed landscapes.


Warm but moderate weather between 25-28°C makes July excellent for enjoying both the beaches and the forests.


With a range of 21-32°C and low rainfall, August is perfect for enjoying the outdoors on both coasts.


As one of the rainiest months, expect temperatures between 24-29°C. The Caribbean coast, however, remains drier and more suitable for beach activities.


October is the peak of the rainy season, but the Caribbean side stays relatively dry and sunny, ideal for those looking to avoid the heavier rains.


The weather starts to cool slightly with temperatures between 24-28°C, making it a prime time for whale watching and other wildlife encounters.


With temperatures ranging from 18-30°C, December marks the beginning of the dry season, offering sunny days perfect for holiday celebrations and various outdoor adventures.

Key Considerations for Families

  • Planning:

Research the specific regions you plan to visit as weather can vary greatly due to elevation and proximity to the coast.

  • Activities:

Costa Rica offers a variety of child-friendly activities, from beach days to guided rainforest tours.

  • Wildlife:

The diverse wildlife is a huge draw for families. Plan guided tours to learn about the flora and fauna in a safe, educational manner.

  • Health: 

Always stay hydrated and use sun protection. Be prepared for rain during the green season by packing appropriate rain gear.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

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Costa Rica offers a dynamic climate that caters to a wide range of outdoor activities perfect for family adventures. Whether you’re visiting during the dry sun-filled months or the lush green season, there’s always something magical to do in Costa Rica. Costa Rica for Kids ensures that your family’s trip will be comfortable, fun, and memorable, no matter the time of year you choose to visit.

Ready to Explore Costa Rica with Your Family?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Costa Rica safe for families with kids?

Yes, Costa Rica is considered a safe destination for families. Exercise normal precautions and be aware of your surroundings, especially in tourist areas. Stick to reputable tour operators and accommodations, and you’ll likely encounter no safety issues.

What's the best time to visit Costa Rica with kids?

The dry season (December to April) is generally recommended for families due to more predictable weather and fewer rain showers. However, the “green season” (May to November) offers lush landscapes and fewer tourists, but there might be rain during the afternoon.

Are there age restrictions for adventure activities in Costa Rica?

Most tour operators have age and height restrictions for certain activities like zip-lining or white-water rafting. However, there are plenty of family-friendly options suitable for children of various ages, such as nature hikes, wildlife spotting, and gentle river floats.

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